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Wrong picture/description

You mention 'these Pakistanis' in the cab drivers section but the picture is that of an Indian Sikh :)

All hairstylists are pretty unhappy if they don't get a %20 tip.

seriously? If I get an $80 haircut...you are only getting $10. You make a decent wage as-is. Servers only get 20% because they make less than $5/hour.

Parking Garage Guy?

What do we tip them?

Re: Parking Garage Guy?

Ah, forgot that one. I just added it to the list.

I had no idea you still posted. I Tweeted this post, so you might get more anonymous comments than usual.

If you tipped me $3.00 plus change to a ride to JFK, I'd throw the money back at you, make you get your own bags, and call you a cheap jew. jew.

Oh, good, and anti-Semitic prick thinking he's original for bringing up an irrelevant stereotype. I can only hope people treat you as you deserve to be treated.


any thoughts on in-subway entertainment? sometimes (i think) they deserve a buck, but where does one draw the line??

I'd put subway/street entertainers in the 'Homeless' category -- most of the time they're more annoying than entertaining (ie: bongos). I suppose if you stand and watch a really great performance for more than a few minutes, a dollar would be appropriate, but still unnecessary. I prefer when they're selling CDs or merch, I've bought CDs but rarely given free money.

it's not free if they, at the very least, work for it.

amateur tgp

No joy without alloy.

It's illegal for pizza guys to receive tips under new labor laws.

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