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Artist Review: Jerry Allen Brem

I am not really a big fan of ice cream. Never was. So as I quietly ate my Amy's Ice Cream the other morning, I already wasn't in the best mood. Once I saw the art on the walls, I was in a worse mood. Cows. Cows I say. Cows scribbled over random color. Corporate art at its worst.

We made fun of the art for awhile, laughing at the fact that Amy's had actually posted up 3 different works of cow art (seemingly because cows make milk, the main ingredient in ice cream).

We left the place and continued on with the cow jokes all the way home.

Somehow, I found myself at Amy's a few days later getting a burger. As I waited 20 minutes for them to make their "fast food", I began to look a little closer at the ridiculous cow paintings. That was when I saw it. There was a pricetag on these paintings. They were actually for sale! I thought it would be funny to see a $200 price-tag attached, but to my horror, the price tag said $1600. What?!!?!

Now, I don't claim to be the greatest artist in the world, but I could literally draw these same cows when I was in 2nd grade. The color scheme in the background may have taken about a 4th grade skill level in art, but, either way, I didn't try to sell my elementary school paintings for the price of a used Honda. They got magnetized to the refrigerator for a month, not put in a public venue with a price tag.

I had to find out what type of moron would actually attempt to sell this garbage. The price tag said Jerry Allen Brem. My new least favorite artist. I, of course, raced home to look him up online. He must be a famous artist and these cow paintings were just a huge practical joke!

Nope, all his paintings are the same cow, with different colors behind it. When asked why he only paints cows, he responds, "I started painting cows as a way to bring art to my friends.  We lived in an environment without art, a small town with mostly working class folks."

I think a small town with bad taste would be excited to display anything with paints, colors and cowboy crap, but even traditional rednecks shouldbe able to tell the difference between cheesy artistic paintings and complete bullshit.

Obviously, Amy's Ice Cream can't tell the difference. Nor can they tell the difference between cute little kid refrigerator finger paintings, and tasteful, solid art. A am not a-moo-sed.

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